Friday, March 28, 2014

Let’s be honest

1. It gets better.
As a parent, I solemnly swear to never, EVER spread this lie to other parents: “It gets better.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard these three ridiculous little words slip out people’s mouths. 

No. It doesn’t get better. What happens is you (and your children) finally master one hurdle only to find a new, more clever hurdle waiting for you. When the boys learned to walk aka run, we and our sore backs were so relieved from carrying them around. We quickly discovered a new phenomenon called colliding toddlers. Our sons could not control their little legs and newfound power until they collided with their tiny twin at full toddler running speed. It was a simple mistake really. The boys were too short to see over the couch and too young to understand the interlocking pathways of our house. 

2. I miss my single life.
I said that to Dominic the other day as I was daydreaming out loud. He pulled back and said, “Single?”. What I meant was our life before children.  It was simple and self-centered. When the most complicated and repetitive question we had as a couple centered around what we should have for dinner. 

3. You make me feel so young.
Having children makes me feel old. I am shocked by the wrinkles in my skin. The crease where my cheek meets my nostril. My forehead in resting state. My chapped hands covered in bumpy veins. The grays on my head. I blame it on parenthood and work. My memory is shot. At work, I constantly have to write things down so I have a record of what was discussed because in 3 hours time, I typically forget what was discussed.


I don’t know how to end this post except to say I can’t wait until it gets better.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A harsh winter

It’s been a rough winter: multiple snow days, trips to the ER, colds, fevers, coughs, vaccines, ear infections and tantrums. And eventually Dominic and I got their leftovers. It made really angry that we don’t live near our families or close friends. It made me miss my mama too. I fixed that one day with a trip to Nam Phuong for a warm bowl of pho. Food has a wonderful way of bringing back memories and happiness.

No-frills East Coast pizza ... delicious.

Stylish haircuts and lollipops

Milo’s hairline fracture (tibia).

Our daycare closed five times this winter.


Milo looks like he is 20 years old here.

Look at Milo’s precious face!

Sick day for Milo means a quick trip to Mama’s office to wrap up loose ends.

Urban Outfitters headquarters

Milo called this his “camera leaf”.

Pretzel dance

Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer in Philadelphia

We left our sweet home of ten years for an amazing job opportunity in Philadelphia, PA. I’ve daydreamed of raising a family in an urban setting—having the exposure to different cultures, hustling-and-bustling, raising kids to be street smart (what the hell does that mean?), etc. Boy I was wrong. Living in the city just means you have to work harder for everything be it parking, decent education, organic grocery store, etc. And yo, Philly what’s with the attitude?

The move feels like a marathon. We’ve been here 4 months and we are still getting settled in. I’m sure it’s going to get easier. It just feels endless sometimes. Here are some farewell memories of Oregon and some hello memories of Philadelphia.